Working Moms

Being a full-time working Mom myself, I would encourage especially female entrepreneurs to tackle the enormous challenge of getting working moms back to work, build platforms, and create services and tools to enable working women to work in the best possible circumstances.

Even before the pandemic, labor force participation for mothers (women aged between 25-54 with partners and at least one child under the age of 6 at home) was lagging behind women’s overall participation rate (52% vs 62%) and was substantially lower than that of fathers (97%). Since the end of the pandemic, millions of working moms have left the workforce.

Especially in the US there are platforms supporting Moms to go back to work. Examples are The Mom ProjectFairygodbossPath Forward.ORGAprès – A Career Resource for MomsPowerToFlyThe Second Shift. Last year the The Mom Project raised a whopping $80m. We see the first signs of similar platforms in Europe. We are mapping the landscape of all startups supporting working moms and anticipate investing in this sector.

So, if you are based in Europe and are in this space please reach out to Rubio Impact Ventures (!

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