Once upon a time a French girl Ange Sandorfi moved to Budapest and, with the help of her Hungarian fashion blogger friend, Dora Varadi discovered something exciting: young Hungarian fashion designers. You can imagine her delight when she found Hungarian artists creating unique quality apparel and accessories at incredible value.

These talented designers produce their handcrafted items in small ateliers, using old sewing and embroidery techniques and traditional leather work for apparel and shoes. The new generation of designers gives local fashionistas an exclusive look in a country.

OURSTYLE Boutique was created to give these young designers an avenue both in Hungary and abroad, expanding the reach of great products that are rarely distributed throughout the globe. Ourstyle offers you an opportunity to buy in the webstore or at the shop at Arena plaza.

Brainpower sold its stake in ourstyle.hu in October 2013.

Be the first to fill your closet with bespoke creations from designers and develop and nourish your personal style!